45+ Creative Living Room Wall Gallery Design Ideas

Do you like spending a lot of your time in the living space? If so, it means that you are more than just creating space with a great design. But, it is also important for you to make the space is great with comfortable and functional design. Of course, you have to blend the function, the comfort, and the look of your living room and this is not easy to do. We are glad that we give you some inspirations, especially for the living room wall.

You can check our gallery to find dozens of photos about living room design ideas from modern to a formal style. There are many pictures of the living room with rustic to approachable design that will steal your attention. So, if you have no idea where to start, it is simple. You can start from the throw pillows. Throw pillows can help you especially if you are designing your living room with a monochromatic decor.

Monochromatic decor for your living space means that you are decorating it with a modern and classic style. For example, you can support the space by adding a spacious sofa in white and Moroccan style for the rug. Next, you can move to the next task that is dealing with the floor. At this point, you can make the walls white with a crisp look and neutral design. Also, let the living room design ideas especially for the coffee table and the sofa. This is what you need to create a statement in your living room so there is a colorful feel in it.

Even you can start designing your living space by showing up simplicity. It means that you can create a living space with a versatile, unique, understated, impressive, or colorful. Do the things at once. It seems great if you can show up some frames in different shapes to create an eclectic look for your living room design ideas.

image source : pinterest.com