14 Beautiful Disney Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Children

For parents who want to make a room or room that is comfortable for your child, you can decorate your child’s room with a unique and funny theme such as Disney bedroom. Disney is one alternative that you can try. From the many Disney characters available, you can choose one of the characters that your child likes best. Come on, see the inspiration below!

This children’s room decoration is more suitable for you who have a daughter. Ariel’s mural swimming in the coral reef is ready to welcome your daughter with a smile.

To add to the fun of the room, you can use several tables and small chairs for a playground. With soft carpets, pillows, and thin curtains hanging from the ceiling can be a comfortable reading place even for a quiet nap.

You can apply this Disney bedroom of Mickey Mouse mural in your child’s room. With Disney’s murals, children will feel as if they are playing outside. A cheerful and bright mural will spark the imagination, and many adventures will be enjoyed.
With small tables and chairs as a place to read and eat while still enjoying the fun of the mural. The use of wood floors provides benefits to facilitate you in cleaning the room.

This children’s room decoration with a pirate theme is sure to be liked by many boys. You who have a son can try decorating the room with a concept like this.
With a bed shaped like a ship and other furniture that is still a theme such as a treasure chest and some dolls make your child really like being in another world that makes him imagine.

To give the impression of a bright and spacious room, you can use Disney Winnie the Pooh as a mural design for your child’s room or room.
Bright colors will be obtained from the color of the walls designed in the form of a yellow beehive and Winnie the Pooh himself.

In addition to yellow, you can add green to give a natural impression. With uniquely shaped furniture adds to the funny and attractive room.

Try applying the inspiration of Disney bedroom above and see how much your child likes it!

image source : pinterst.com