11 Simple Tips Bathroom Organization Ideas

The bathroom must be considered so that it looks clean and neat. It means that you should have good bathroom organization ideas. Be sure to provide storage for all bathroom accessories, so that the bathroom remains neat and beautiful, and efficient because it makes it easy to find things in their place. This will be very influential for your comfort and the whole family.

There are more than 11 tips to organize the bathroom. Here are some creative ideas of storage in the bathroom

The ladder shelf model has a slim and tall shape, making it ideal as ideal bathroom storage. Especially in small bathrooms. Shelves can be used for a variety of needs. For example, to hang a towel, put a small basket, and where you store various toiletries that are used every day.

If you are renovating a bathroom or are planning to make a bathroom, consider making a built-in cabinet. Storage area like this is designed together with the bathroom so it looks neater and certainly more efficient. A space-saving bathroom storage solution.
Utilization of the Empty Area Under the Sink

For the next bathroom organization, you can use the empty area under the sink to store all bathroom equipment and equipment. To make it look more beautiful, you can cover the area with a pleated curtain. Use fabrics with beautiful motifs, colors, and patterns so that they also function as bathroom decorations.

Storage baskets made of woven bamboo, rattan, or plastic are interior design trends that are not easily obsolete. The unique and beautiful model makes it a favorite storage area in various parts of the house. The material is also fairly durable and durable. You can use it as a storage area in wet areas such as bathrooms. Store all bathroom equipment in this basket and place it on the shelf. The use of a basket-like gives you easy access to the items you need, without the slightest impression of a mess.
Wall Shelf

Is your bathroom small? Install a vertical bathroom storage area in the form of a wall shelf that maximizes the remaining angle. The use of wall shelves like this will not take place and of course, you can use them to store various kinds of toiletries. Among towels, soap, toilet paper, to flower pots to brighten your bathroom.

Try to unpack again the items stored at home. Who knows, you will find items that can be used as bathroom organization.

image source: pinterst.com