15 Amazing Mid-Century Inspired Home in California

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The mid-century home will always be one of the most favorite styles available today. Even though the style was established decades ago, its charm will never vanish. Many people love the mid-century design style for its vibrant colors, iconic furniture pieces, up to sleek sideboards.

Talking about fashion, this style will never go out of fashion in so many ways. In this article, we have several pictures of mid-century houses. Those can be your inspiration in case you are keen on bringing in some chic aesthetic from mid-century decorating style.
When it comes to decorating your house with the mid-century decorating style, you need to start with a statement. The statement for this style is on the seating. Even though the furniture back then was mass production, it has become collectible items nowadays. A mid-century home commonly has iconic chairs in its living room.

Flea market might be the right place to start but today some furniture producers also manufacture brand-new furniture pieces with mid-century style. Other than that, this style tends to use a brighter color scheme. It is caused by the limited color palette back then in the 1950s.

However, today you can mix and match the color as you like, even black and gold. Still, you need to include one bright color that will tie up the entire scene. Another distinctive look from a mid-century style is its slimline furniture pieces.

This style has been popular for its ability to make a room feel spacious, light, and airy. By incorporating slimline furniture pieces, the room will instantly feel airy. Another way you can do this is by using pop colors as the primary.

Even though you can always win with white and other neutral shades, pop colors look well to bring a personality in a room. For more information about a mid-century home, you can check the pictures below.

image source: pinterest.com

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