11 Black and White One-Bedroom Apartment

For matters of one-bedroom apartment design, especially black and white bedrooms, there is no color combination that is more beautiful than the contrast between black and white. You can play with the level of color contrast. For example, a white floor would definitely be suitable to be given a black carpet decoration. The large black frame would certainly be interesting if it displays a painting with a dominant white color in it. The same rule you can also apply when combining matching black furniture with walls or wooden floors. Like what for example?

Black Wall – Arranging rooms with black and white shades can you start by choosing black walls. Of course, not all sides of the wall are black. You can choose one side that will be the backdrop where you put the white bed like the bedroom example above.

Black and White Wallpaper – If you really want to change shades through the color of the walls, consider replacing them with black and white bedroom wall wallpapers. In addition to its installation is easier and more efficient, you can also choose your own variety of styles according to your black and white bedroom.

Black and white photo – For those of you who like photography, there’s no harm in experimenting with black and white photographs of your work or the work of your favorite photographer. Print with a large size and make the main display on one side of the room wall to get the impression of an artistic monochrome.

Black bed – There are times when your entire house has already been painted using white. To create a monochrome room design you can outsmart by installing a black bed. Add some black elements to display on the other side of the wall to support the black and white concept of your dream room.

Monochrome Carpet – Another way to get around the design of the room completely white and do not want to bother changing the color of the paint is to install a carpet, curtains, or sheets in black. Adding this decoration alone is enough to make your room look monochrome and luxurious.

Monochrome Chess Pattern – One of the style choices that many monochrome lovers love is chess patterns. Alternating between black and white is suitable to be the color of your bedroom bed linen or it could be an idea to choose your floor tiles.

Wow, that black and white bedroom is very amazing, right?

image source : pinterest.com