17 awesome Meets Eclectic: Get Design Inspiration from this Unique Wisconsin Home

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Most people like a design of home inspiration which is cozy and creative. Surely, you do too. Then, you may perfectly like the Wisconsin home design.

Then, what can you take from a unique design of Wisconsin home? One of them is the interior design using a slow approach. What does it mean? To know it, this article will inspire you the Wisconsin home design of Megan Schlachtenhaufen so you may apply it to decorate the lovely home of yours.

Living room – To have a glowing and warm living room like Megan’s home inspiration, you can use a paint that is cozy on your walls such as tan and yellow. If you have applied the neutral and warm color to your living space, surely, your living room mood will be perfectly bright.

You can add a piece of woven hanging-wall, a framed canvas or printed art to your walls, book collections on your shelf, or cabinet. You may also add a unique round mirror to your walls. Metallic accent and also some plants will beautify your room. Really, your living room will feel inviting and live. One again, it is good if you use an interesting chair and also leather footrest.

You can stand the living room out by using a system of black entertainment to all rooms with a light theme. The living room of yours will have the needed contrast. For the storage, you may put wicker baskets. It is a good solution. Behind your TV, you can place beautiful framed art. Do not forget to give some plants with their cute pots. Well, having such a wonderful living room, you will really feel like staying at home.

Hallway space – Make your hallway alive like Megan’s hallway space. You can create openness by painting the wall with white color. To make it more alive and color, you can add pretty potted plants and a colorful wooden bench. Adding a furry and placing it on that bench will add the touch of eclectic. To complete the room, it is also recommended to place a cloth carpet with a rustic style, floor of a wooden beam, pussy pillow, and also wicker basket. Also, use a hook for hanging or storage. To make the way feel cozy, framed photos can be added and placed.

Eating room – The area of eating can be lighter like Megan’s if you decide to place a patterned rug full of color. It can be placed under the metallic chairs and a wooden table with a rustic style. Wow, you will really enjoy your eating time.

Your bedroom can be painted in a dark color. In Megan’s bedroom, she uses navy color. You can also add metallic lamps with a dark light, some pieces of wooden types of furniture, some amazing artworks, and also soft chairs. Remember to add a bed lamp and also accents of the wall. So, the bedroom of yours will be very sophisticated, sleek, and also fun.
Now, you can try to apply those home inspirations!

image source : pinterest.com

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