36+ Easy And Simple Wood Partition Ideas As Room Divider

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The room divider is the best solution for those who want to make a single room becomes double spaces. Divider for your room is also a good choice because it can separate one to another room. Also, you will need it to give more privacy. There are many ways you can do when it comes to the divider design. It helps you create a good illusion in your room. This is important because you will get extra square footage as you need.

Well, there are many ways to build dividers for your room. You can consider the sturdiness and the materials. Not only wooden room dividers, but also organic fiber is the popular choice at this time. You can use this material as the divider for your room because it makes you have a simple and inexpensive material to create a divider. Indeed, you can make it by using jute rope. Make sure that you have thick jute rope you can buy at the hobby stores or hardware and craft near your home. Do not worry because the cost to buy the jute rope is not expensive at all.

To start, you can use shoe plates made of wood to mount. You need to mount it on the ceiling and the floor. After that, make sure that you thread the rope so it is between the plates. This project will not help to give a visual block. But, this is an effective way to separate spaces. Surely, you can try this way to separate one to another room by using an inexpensive room divider.

Lastly, you can create a room divider with lath boards. It is what you need to create something different. It is all about adding the striped design made of wood. This is a perfect choice to add a traditional yet unique touch when it comes to a divider for your room.

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