28+ The Top Kitchen Backsplash Tiles and Design Ideas

There are many things to consider when it comes to design your kitchen. It is more than just to choose a great layout, a color scheme, add appliances, and others. Of course, we are also talking about the kitchen backsplash that can fit your interior design. Well, it is more than just the kitchen wall. If we talk about backsplashes, the topic may vary such as the kitchen that can affect the entire wall.

You can create a pop of color there. Or, it can be the way you use them to cover the area between the cabinets and the countertops in your kitchen. Also, it is all about texture and color. Whether you want to build a rustic or cozy kitchen, modern or sleek, there is some great kitchen tiles design in this gallery. We have collected some best pictures and we do hope that these pictures can inspire you.

First, it is a great matching island with tiles. For example, you can use tiles, lacquer or even marble. This is what you need if you want to play with colors and textures. It is the best one for those who are fearless to have fun decorating with the kitchen. After that, you can complete the kitchen backsplash that can match with the kitchen island. To do your best, make sure that you use tiles for the floor.

Another creative way to design your kitchen is by adding subway tiles. So, if you want to complete your kitchen with a more unique backsplash, it is good to have a subway tile to add. For example, you can create two stripes of green shades. Doing this way will add the color and also break up the monotonous color in your kitchen. If you want to get more inspirations, you can check our gallery of kitchen backsplash.

image source : pinterest.com