28+ Comfortable Fireplace Decor Ideas For White Walls

What comes to your mind when it is all about a fireplace? Well, a fireplace works as the heart of your home. It is an essential thing that you must have at home. It sounds perfect if you can enjoy the fall day with the addition of a fireplace, a warm blanket, and the sound of crackling logs. What if the heat is the real problem for your chimney? Well, it is okay. You still need some fireplace decor ideas to complete the non-working fireplace.

Fireplace decor ideas are indeed important because whether your fireplace is working or not, the fireplace is the centerpiece. If you can decorate it properly, it will be a great focal point for your living space. Believe it or not, you can make the fireplace as a conversation starter with your guests. Here, we give you some important information about how to decorate the fireplace. It does not matter if you have no ideas to start decorating it, because you can check our gallery to get more inspiration.

Well, now what if you have a non-working fireplace? What can you do? You can transform that fireplace into shelve books. With the white wall in your living room, you can create the fireplace as the unique shelve books. What you need to do is putting the hearth so it can complete the warm summer season. To start, stack stunning hardcovers, magazines, and also paperbacks inside the fireplace to create the focal point. This is one of the great fireplace decor ideas to try.

Do you have a TV screen on the top of the fireplace? Well, it is okay to hide the TV screen when you are not using it. What you need to do is to add wood doors. The fireplace also looks great if you make it from paving bricks with the salvaged look. Additionally, you can complete the decor by adding floral canvases for the stunning piece to finalize the fireplace decor ideas.

image source : pinterest.com