20 Best Geometric Wall Art Paint Design Ideas

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There are various ways that we can do to make our homes look more attractive and beautiful. In addition to the selection and use of various furniture in the room, we can also use plants to decorate our homes. How? It's easy, just use wall ornaments that we can use as a place to plant plants.

Vines are the right type of plant to be used to decorate the walls of our homes. Vines can certainly be easily integrated with wall ornaments later. That way, the impression of green, natural, and attractive will arise by itself in the room.

Vines are often the best choice if we want to have decorative plants on the walls of our homes. Not only walls but vines we can also use as well as in pillars of houses or pergola houses.

If the house we have turns out to have a minimalist design, of course, there are times when lush plants and vines are not suitable to apply. Therefore, we can take advantage of plants that are not too dense so that they look neater later. We can also take advantage of slim and tall plant species.

If you want to have simple but attractive plants, you can also use plants like succulents. The advantages of this plant, you can not use wall ornaments as a planting medium later. All you need is enough space to place the succulent plants and a little sand later. This plant can also replace photo decorations or paintings on the wall later.

Very interesting is not it? Aside from being a home decoration to be more attractive and beautiful, these plants can also help us to add to our mood later, especially if placed in the workspace at home.

That way you don't have to rely on furniture to be home decor. Besides being cheap, you can also do it with DIY techniques! Interested to try it? Don't forget to look at various other sample models first below!

image source : pinterest.com