14 Lovely Chic With Classic Victorian’s Historic Details

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Victorian refers to the age where Queen Victoria lived in the 1800s. Well, the architecture design during that age is very new to iron and steel, but it somehow made them good. If we are looking for the classic Victorian, the best thing that comes to mind is wood. Well, steel and iron were the base of architecture construction, but not all parts of the interior were made of steel and iron. Victorian is full of the gothic theme as well, and this made Victorian elegant overall. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about the elegant Victorian kitchen design.

Gothic can’t be separated from the age of Victorian. The design is so elegant and royal. Because of that, Gothic became one of the classic parts of Victorian. You will feel like you live in a fancy house with elegance surrounding you. Don’t forget to wear a gothic dress as well.

The Victorian age interior is full of bold and strong colors. As for the examples, darker black, dark red, dark green, and many more. This will make the historic details feel stronger within the interior. Most of the parts that are painted in bold and strong colors are the furniture. Meanwhile, the floor, wall, and ceiling are using lighter colors, so the bold-colored furniture is contrasting with the light colors. The best part of the elegant Victorian design.

The best kind of wood furniture we can use is reclaimed wood. It is old wood from a demolished old building. Because of that, this will make the furniture look antique and has a historical past. Literally, it has a history because it was wood from an old building.

As a summary, the classic elegant Victorian design uses bold colors. Also, the wood for the furniture itself uses something antique, we can use reclaimed wood for that.

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