12 Pretty Tiny Bedroom Ideas For Girls

Decorating a girl bedroom ideas is a pretty complicated thing. Objects that are loved in childhood can change. Who like room decoration with a Barbie theme, maybe now prefer a minimalist theme. But one of the most common things, the girl prefers bedroom decorations with pink themes.

Therefore, this article wants to share ideas for girl bedroom decorations with a simple pink theme.

Simple girl bedroom ideas with a pink theme do not mean that the entire contents of the room must be pink, quite adequate for a few elements. For example, one area of the wall with pink and other parts of the wall using a brick-patterned wall wallpaper.

If you want to show a more girly side, just use some pink items ranging from pillowcases to the drawer door. So that the walls are not plain, Tumblr lights can be installed in a pattern according to taste.

The bedroom is one of the rooms that has the most fabric elements, ranging from curtains, mosquito nets, bed linen, pillowcases, and also cushions. If you want to remodel a child’s room and simple teenage room decorations, change the color fabric in the room in the easiest and cheapest way.

Want to match the motives of all fabrics or not, we leave it to each taste. But Kania tried to release the pink cloth from end to end. Instead, choose a fabric that has a pink color on the motif so that the room does not look tacky and claustrophobic.

The combination of pink and gray is popular among teenagers because the atmosphere is not too girly but still look pretty and beautiful. If you want to decorate this simple bedroom looks “fair”, it is challenging to use pink on the curtains, chairs, some pillows, and gray on blankets, nightstand, and some pillows.
So, which girl bedroom ideas do you like?

image source : pinterest.com