11 Easy Diy Projects For Your Apartment Ideas

Are you getting bored with the apartment ideas of decorations that are just as usual? Maybe it’s time you make your own unique and anti-mainstream DIY project so that the decor of the room is more spectacular.

You can really use items that are around the house. Save more, right?

You can make your apartment more beautiful with wall decorations using plates with antique motifs. To save a budget, you can use old plates at home or buy at second-hand goods stores.
The method is also quite easy, you only need to use a special glue that has high adhesion to attach the plate. In addition, you can arrange it on a sturdy wall shelf. When arranging a wall decoration from a plate, you must first determine the pattern, then start to arrange by attaching the plate to the wall.

Another used item that you can use to make wall decoration creations is bottle caps. There are two types of beverage bottle caps that you can choose from, namely metal and plastic. The trick is also quite easy because you only need glue to glue a few bottle caps on the wall with a particular concept. For example, resembling the shape of plants, animals, buildings, or used as a painting.

Do you want to give a rustic touch to your apartment ideas? It can, really, add a glass bottle wall display like the one above which is easy to make yourself.
In addition to making the decoration more aesthetic, this glass bottle decoration is also environmentally friendly because it utilizes used items. Add flowers for a fresher touch! Real flowers, may also be artificial flowers.

For a classic style room, an antique spoon display like the picture above can be a complement to the decoration. How to make unique decorations above is also easy.
You only need to prepare photo frames and antique spoon collections. Stick the spoon to the picture frame using a strong glue, then wait for it to dry. Afterwards, stay on display in the living room or family room.

Do you like to go to the beach and collect shells? It’s time to display a collection of shells on the wall of the room to make the decoration more eye-catchy.
The way to make it is easy. You only need to select the shell that you want to display and attach it to the desired frame. Don’t forget to attach a nail to the wall to hang the frame.
By applying those DIY projects of apartment ideas, surely, you will perfectly love your apartment.

image source : pinterest.com