12 Cool Home Interior Design Ideas You Must Try

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It is true nowadays that vintage style is amidst people’s favorite in terms of home interior decorating style. An example of that is the so-called Days of Gold and Velvet house designed by HAO DESIGN. The entire 172 meters of the house area has been optimized by the designer to ensure that the owner of the house is in love with the house both interior and exterior. A great thing about the house is that it is a bare shell style.

The uniqueness of bare shell-style home is optimized even further with just the right choice of everything for the home interior. It ended up in delivering the requested vintage appeal of the interior space of the house. The vintage atmosphere is within the house due to the use of different materials and furniture. An example of a vintage choice of thing is the use of a black lacquer iron sliding door in between the bedroom and study room.

Another example of vintage stuff inside this home interior is the so-called Ginger & Jagger table. It is a console table with camouflaging legs. The legs look like branches of the fig tree. Alongside that console table are a Porada white table made of marble with a beautiful copper base and metallic perforations. That is a perfect piece to scream vintage in an interior space of today’s house.

Meanwhile, the dining area is the place for a wooden accent. The wood delivers a warm and inviting atmosphere in both the kitchen and dining space. That is a slightly different vibe in comparison to other spaces. The so-called atrium of the house incorporates an amber mirror to help visually enlarging the space while also beautifying the home interior in vintage style at the same time. Overall, the Days of Gold and Velvet house by HAO DESIGN is a beautiful example of today’s bare shell home.

image source : pinterest.com