11 Cool The National Biscuit Company (OREO) Building Turned Into A Modern Loft

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Building modern homes look to be the main choice of many people due to looking stylish and up-to-date. The modern house also tends to be easier to design and decorate because you can mix and match it with modern or minimalist accents to this house. You may put a minimalist decoration detail or just prefer giving a touch on the home ornaments. It is great to paint white or neutral color wall paint to create a modern look.

If you want to build modern homes with a unique style, you should come to Chicago and find the references. It is located in West Loop Chicago. It has a modern building located in the National Biscuit Company now known by Nabisco. The decoration and interior design of this modern building can be applied to your home decoration or even building modern. A rent unit of the ceiling style is made by Besch Design, located in the bigger floor. It also becomes versatile units at this building. It looks so perfectly amazing and modern with the layout of the flooring ornaments there. It is great to check a whole building area when you can observe every room interior design.

Some important choices in this modern building are the kitchen part. It is located between some old oven used for baking in the building. Then, you will see metal components in this building such as the grill door kept to the found brick. It is a unique discovery in this building referring to the old biscuit factory decoration. The main bedroom includes the space facing the living room on the main floor. The reclamation of a wooden warehouse is used on the wall accents taking an important role in the used utensils to appoint some old guitars of the homeowner. It looks classy but stays modern for modern home building inspiration.

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