10 Modern Chic Decorative Pillow That Will Make Your Home Look Fantastic

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Room design can be perfect with the presence of supporting furniture, you know. For example, here, your sofa will look more attractive with an eye-catching decorative pillow.

Well, for those of you who want to make sofa cushions, you can try DIY sofa cushions to make it more interesting. In fact, you can use items that are already in use, you know!
Decorative pillow with buttons

You can make a new look for a decorative pillow with buttons that have been released, you know. You can use a colorful button collection.
To make DIY sofa cushions with buttons, you only need about 50 buttons (also adjust the pillow size) as well as thread and needles. How to make it, it’s super simple. You only need to sew buttons on pillowcases.

Oh yes, even though this sofa pillow looks beautiful, it is not recommended to be a relaxing pillow or sleeping pillow.

You must have seen cushions above in furniture stores, right? It can be approved if the price is definitely expensive. In order to save money, why don’t you want to be alone?
The first step is to make a stamp first. Form the cactus on the fabric and cut it neatly, prepare all the details to be seen, yes. After that, you can stick it on a log to make it easier to use. Take a peek at the picture below, yes, if you need inspiration.

After that, prepare a sofa pillowcase that will be stamped. To print images, you can use stamp ink or acrylic paint. Then, you only need to wait for the ink to dry.

Well, this butterfly sofa cushion can also be used as an idea for selling, right. In addition, this beautiful pillow is a great gift for friends or relatives.
Maybe you think about how to make this complicated sofa cushion. In fact, it’s easy! You only need flannel made like a butterfly. After that, you just stick it to a sofa pillowcase using super glue or it can also be seen. Done! Really easy, right?

Leaf decorative pillow – This sofa cushion has a technique that is not much different from the cactus sofa pillow. Just need to play with ink and the creation of unique sofa cushions is ready.
To get a botany leaf sofa cushion, you need leaves that have been cleaned before, it’s better to choose a leaf with strong leaf bones.

After that, spread the leaves with dark paint. You can directly print leaves onto canvas or plain pillowcases. After drying, you can iron so that the motif lasts longer.
What do you think of the decorative pillow above? Do you like it?

image source : pinterest.com

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