110+ Inspiring French Style Apartment Design Ideas

Apartment design ideas in the French style offer a breathtaking combination of different styles. It is all about using bold and traditional styles to create a stylish and chic interior. Additionally, the style also all about how to create a functional and aesthetic look. It is because you still can find the original flair of flamboyance. Here are all the things you should know about this French design for the apartment.

When you go with French design, it is better to choose classic styles in different looks. After that, you can add a little modern touch that can tell people about your personality. For example, it is good to go to the flea market to find some contemporary furniture that can add more colors to your apartment design ideas.

Keep in mind that you will complete your apartment space with a loud and bold feel. To do so, you will need some oversized items as the accent that will steal people’s attention. It looks good to have some streamlined furniture. After that, you can finalize it by adding old full wall painting that will bring you back to the past of the century for your apartment design ideas.

What about creating an under-decorate feel in your apartment? Well, it is possible to do so. Even by doing this, you can create a stunning look that will become the real conversation among your guests. You can find some different ways to meet your taste. For example, it is possible to leave the walls as they are. So, you do not add any pictures or ornaments at all.
On the other hand, it is good to try for adding simple or natural fabrics for your apartment drapes. Here, it is okay to use raw linen and others. This is one of the best apartment design ideas that create a simple touch but a shocking point to get attention from your guests.

image source : pinterest.com