11 Top Small Laundry Room Design Ideas

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2 of 11

Do you have any ideas for small laundry room design? Well, it's true, every house needs a laundry room. Even if you always get your clothes together, a laundry room must be there to answer your emergency needs. Even so, not every dwelling has enough space to build an ideal laundry room and drying room.

Take it easy, now you can make a minimalist laundry room. The following are some of 11 minimalist drying laundry ideas that we hope can match the needs of the laundry without having to sacrifice a lot of space.

In general, the laundry room requires a washing machine, dryer, and also a rack for drying clothes. You can add themes so that the room is more lively. And also you can feel comfortable and comfortable when in it. You can choose the theme of the cottage. With soft and cool nuances. As well as a simple but efficient layout.

For those who like rural silence, a small laundry room with a rural style can be a choice. You only need to use one side of the room as a platform. Later you will get a linear laundry room, complete with rustic wood cabinets. Also, provide a minimalist pull-down rack of wood that is practical and does not interfere with your mobility.

Dry laundry room can look stylish and also contemporary despite the narrow room. You can apply to your home. If so, you will get an integrated room in one panel. With a drying area in an effective special cabinet. For those who like Scandinavian style, this one can be an inspiration.

This style is suitable for those of you who like traditional styles. Starting with a minimalist pull-down drying rack design. And the shelves have thick traditional lines and cabinets. The existence of a laundry basket in the corner can add a rustic impression. You will get traditional and modern comfort in your laundry room.

The fun of washing in a modern way is practical because it doesn't need a conventional clothesline anymore. Currently, every washing machine has a dryer. For a narrow room try to unite drying with the wall. Create a pull-down model that can be pulled out of the wall when it will dry. And return it to its original position when not in use. The result will look like a concise room. And can save space too.

Based on the designs of the small laundry room above, which one will you try to apply?

image source: pinterest.com