11 Top Modern Farmhouse Design House Plans Ideas

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Modern farmhouse design seems like getting more popular for the past five years. It is no wonder because you can embrace casual style without making it looks boring. Other than that, this decorating style implements more than one interior style.

It means that you may mix and match old and new elements in the scene to create a lively yet simple house. Besides residential buildings, this interior style is also adopted by many owners for bars, restaurants, and other public buildings. Again, it is caused by how casual and airy this style could be while you don’t have to lose your personality.

Generally, the farmhouse style is divided into two types such as the traditional one and the modern one. The difference is only on the approach used to bring this style to life. Meanwhile, we will talk about modern farmhouse design ideas in this article. Also, don’t miss our inspiring pictures of farmhouse houses below!

The main thing that should present in a house with a modern farmhouse style is warm minimalism combined with industrial elements. Sometimes you will find this style looks similar to Scandinavian interior style. The decorative elements might be the combination of country chic elements and stark minimalism which surprisingly stunning yet comfy.

Don’t be afraid to mix old and new stuff along with textured items like a knitted blanket. Talking about the material, you may find the collaboration of industrial metals and marble countertops would bring your farmhouse kitchen to the next level. Keep in mind that this style favors sophistication in simplicity.

What does it take to bring a modern farmhouse style in the kitchen? Stone flooring would add warmth to the entire room. When it comes to modern farmhouse design, you should stick with Scandinavian color palette since it makes the airy impression in the room.

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