11 Simple Jar Garden Ideas

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Jars are not only for keeping food, but you can turn them into many beautiful things as well. If we have a lot of space in a certain room, then probably we can start a little garden there. The best idea that passed through my mind is a terrarium garden in the house. It is a simple garden we can have in the little place we are living in. There is no need for a lot of space for a terrarium garden. Jars could be an alternative terrarium garden if we can’t afford some bigger terrarium containers. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about simple terrarium jar garden ideas we can have in the house.

Terrarium itself is basically a plant inside transparent containers, such as an aquarium, fishbowl, and many more. Usually, scientists are the one who always uses terrarium for their study. For zoologists, they are not just keeping a plant inside the terrarium, but they also put animals like chameleons. This requires them to have a bigger terrarium for keeping chameleons inside. For botanists, this inspires other people who love plants to use terrarium as well. They kept many kinds of plants inside a single terrarium container.

Jars are basically transparent and made of glass. This made jars can become one of many alternative terrarium containers we can use. Moreover, the jars are small, so we can make little garden ideas inside the house. We can use any kind of plant we want for the terrarium jar garden.

As a summary, a terrarium garden inside the house can be applied by anyone. There no need for a lot of budgets to do that. We can use jars instead as an alternative terrarium container. This will make wonderful little garden ideas inside our lovely house.

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