11+ Easy Interior With a Romantic Touch

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Designing your interior is the best way to make your home become the most comfortable place in the world. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we can search and find a lot of information, services, and more on the internet. Now, we are looking for some information about interior design, and this probably the recommended method because we don’t need to spend a lot of money. This one called by the minimalist theme concept. There is no regret to use this interior design because most of them are affordable and friendly to your pocket. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about minimalist and simple interior design ideas.

The minimalist concept is an interior theme that specifically makes the interior lesser than others but able to make an impact. Lesser interior means there are not much furniture in each room. Also, the furniture this theme uses is not big, so there will be a lot of space inside that room. This made the minimalist one of the simple interior ideas applicable to anyone.

To apply the minimalist theme concept, we need to repaint the wall and ceiling into one of the neutral colors you want. You can use white, gray, silver, or pastel. If you want a romantic minimalist theme, then pastel red is the best color you can apply. If you want a modern minimalist, then go for the white. Neutral colors are unique because they are able to make an optical illusion and make the room spacious than before.

As the final step, we need to put the furniture inside the room. Remember, never make the room crampy with a lot of furniture. So, make it less. You should put only what you really need in that room. So, that is how to apply the simple interior of a minimalist.

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