9 Outdoor Fireplace Ideas To Up The Romance Factor in Your

Everyone will agree that BBQ grilling is one of the most fun things to do. Because, in this event, we can gather together with the closest people we know and care about. However, there is one thing that is needed to support these activities, namely an outdoor fireplace.

Because BBQ baking activities will be done indoors rather than indoors. Fireplaces for BBQ grill are generally made of bricks. The location of the fireplace is also often placed in a cabin accompanied by a chimney or beside a gazebo.

So, this kind of fireplace model is usually more permanent. Even so, a fireplace with a model like this is often identical to the rustic fireplace model. Therefore, this fireplace can be a decoration for the area behind your house.

But if you want a place that is compact, flexible, and can be taken anywhere, then you can use a BBQ grill that is sold in stores. This is a model of a modern BBQ grill. That way, you will more often find models that look more modern than this BBQ grill

Portable BBQ grills often offer convenience in the form of fuel used. Usually, the tool can use gas as a source of combustion and also charcoal that is ready to use.

This is, of course, different from outdoor fireplace that prioritize charcoal or small wood such as twigs which are the main source of combustion material to start a fire. But, the comfort of using a fireplace model like this is where there is a chimney that can minimize the smoke created when baking BBQ. Also, the model that looks like a rustic fireplace makes the atmosphere while burning a BBQ certainly more memorable.

Interested in having a fireplace like this for your backyard? Here are some examples of fireplace modules that you can make references to in your backyard later.

image source : pinterest.com