9 Hotels Design Architecture Buildings

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Interior design is one of the most important elements in creating a comfortable atmosphere when someone is in a building. By having an attractive interior design, surely everyone in the room will feel comfortable to linger, like a hotel interior.

For this reason, if we are in a hotel the design of the interior is usually arranged as attractive and comfortable as possible for the visitors. Either in the room to make the visitors enjoy a comfortable rest in the room, as well as in the lobby so that visitors feel comfortable staying here for some time to relax or wait.

If you plan to implement an interior hotel model in your home, it is better to take one of the model examples from hotels on the island of Santorini in Greece. As a place to stay for tourists, of course, hotels in this area must be designed as attractive and comfortable as possible for every visitor who stays here.

However, there is interesting in this hotel, of course in the interior hotel itself. As for the use of color, most of the walls of the room use plain white. Then for some furniture using other colors to beautify the room.

The walls themselves are deliberately made and carved from stone whose surface is made smooth. Each room also has the shape of each room. Then each room is not limited by a door. Only in the form of aisles. Likewise with several holes in the inner wall. Doors and windows are only used as a barrier and connecting between the inside of the room with the outdoors only.

To beautify and add to the aesthetic impression of the culture around, it also places some antique accessories that come from the island itself. It is this balance between texture, color, and decoration that makes it a perfect looking interior hotel.

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