11 Cool Home Ideas that Play with the Contrast of Black and White

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Home ideas with shades of black and white are often considered rigid and lifeless. Conversely, decor with both monochrome colors is also able to turn the room into animate. The choice of decoration elements to choose from also varies. Like the seven ideas below, for example, must see!

Utilizing Duct Tape for Decoration – White is very commonly chosen as the color of house paint. You can use this white wall as decoration media. The trick is to put black duct tape on its surface. Quite a number of DIY tutorials to decorate walls with black duct tape that you can find. On the other hand, you can also create cool building drawings like the sample image below.

Black and White Wall Art – Decoration in shades of black and white will exude even more charm if the selection is right. One interesting example is the super large wall art walls. Decoration with white and black statement gives the impression of a classic but still can be combined nicely with other elements.

If you want wall art with busy floral prints for your home ideas, installing minimalist black and white wall art with Japanese calligraphy accents is equally beautiful. Choosing the right position will add to the uniqueness of the black and white decor in your room.

Monochrome Murals Combined with Plants – Decoration in black and white turned out to be able to give a fresh look at home. The trick is to pour black on a white wall into a mural with a picture of leaves. It will be even more beautiful if the mural is near the yard which contains various plants.

Black & White Photo Collage – For you who like photography, you can use your work as a black and white decoration for the house. The trick is to print the photo in black and white or often referred to as black & white (BW).

After that arrange with a grid pattern on the wall. Frame photos with black frames you can do first. Displaying family photos or vacation scenes at home becomes different from the rest, isn’t it? You can use photo paper starting from 4R to 8R to create decorations like this. Meanwhile, for the background, you can choose white or dark paints such as gray and black.

The black and white decor of Home ideas above are interesting, right? Hopefully, it can be useful for you.

image source: pinterest.com

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