11 Best Bathroom Decor Ideas With Coastal Style

Bathroom design with the concept of a coastal style model becomes one of the choices that we can choose for us to use as a model in our bathroom. There are several reasons why this concept is very appropriate to be applied in our bathroom, one of which is an attractive appearance and can also make us feel comfortable and relaxed while in it.

Also, bathroom decor ideas from this coastal style model seem to be very easy for you to apply. You don’t need to need a lot of different decoration models and also excessive to create this concept in your bathroom later. There are a few tips if you intend to make your bathroom nuanced coastal style.

The use of color in the room – Coastal style is always identical to the use of dominant colors in the form of neutral colors. If you are confused, you can also use white and blue to be the dominant colors in it rather than other colors.

Natural lighting – Because the concept is very close to nature, the lighting used often relies on natural solar lighting. You can install glass or window large enough so that sunlight can enter easily and also a lot into the bathroom later.

Simple and natural material – To be more able to get the atmosphere of this coastal style, you can use a variety of simple and natural materials in this bathroom decor ideas as decoration materials in this bathroom. Various materials that you can use for example are like wood, some small to medium plants, or objects from the sea such as starfish, shells, and other similar types.

That way, you have also successfully implemented bathroom decor ideas as you wish. For the record, never try to use various items that are made or that use glossy and shiny materials. Because it will eliminate the art and atmosphere sensation from the coastal style itself later.

image source :pinterest.com