7+ Good Quality and design: Porcelain Stoneware

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Installing a porcelain stoneware at home to add traction is one good step. However, despite that, you have to know in advance what and where you will do the installation in your home later.

If it aims to provide a base for a surface that is expected to not absorb, then the use of porcelain stoneware is a better choice than other types of stoneware. Because this type has several advantages among the others.

Compared to others, this type of model has a very small water absorption capacity, or it can even be said to not absorb at all. Therefore, this type is highly recommended to be installed in areas such as swimming pools at home for example.

But you can also apply it in some other areas of your home, such as in the kitchen or bathroom for example. Of course, installation can also be done both on the floor and also the walls as well.

Good porcelain stoneware can be judged by some things, namely the method of manufacture and the ability of water resistance it has. Increasingly resistant to water, of course, is proof that the quality is very good so there is no need to worry anymore.

For additional information, try to look for a porcelain stoneware that has a water absorption ability of 0.5%. Because, when compared with other models in general, they all can absorb water up to 6%.

It is also influenced by the mixture used for its manufacture, namely feldspar. This material will make the process of closing the pores on the surface so that it reduces water absorption and is resistant to frost, chemicals, and other stains.

For simplicity, when buying, you can look at the product packaging on the outside. Usually, this type of model is also often marked with Ala and Bla codes.

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