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You can find a variety of extraordinary home interior design models today. Starting from the design of a rural house in the middle of the city, home design with Scandinavian models, to a house that carries the concept of fusion design models though.

Unlike other designers, this one design model is not too much occupied by other designers. One designer who likes to apply this fusion design model is someone named Anna Erman.
One of the results of his design work is in the form of house design in the forest. This house does not look so luxurious despite having two floors. However, he focused more on the art of this house in every part of the interior in it.

Various furniture that is part of the interior in this house uses very high quality and very detailed attention. What’s more some of the existing furniture combined with some antique furniture, makes it very beautiful and attractive when looking at the inside.

Meanwhile, the exterior is more designed to be a beautiful, fresh, and natural courtyard view. This is intended to make the house more integrated with the natural conditions of the surrounding forest.

This house is deliberately designed with a fusion design model, where there are several interior design models in every part of the house. If observed, this house combines design concept models from vintage design, rural design, and Scandinavian design.

The application of the fusion design model is done by applying it to a room or several rooms at once. Like the vintage design model, this design is applied to private rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

For public areas such as living rooms and living rooms using Scandinavian design models. As for the kitchen room and also the terrace of the house using a rural design model. Some of them are also used antique or natural furniture to further create the impression.

Want to see a variety of other models of this design? You can see examples of similar models below this article.

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